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Long before I was the CME (Chief Mermaid Enthusiast) of Blankie Tails, I was an aunt who happened to spot a picture on Facebook of crochet blankets in the shape of mermaid tails I just had to get for my nieces. A rigorous online search revealed the only place to get such blankets was crocheting one yourself.

 I couldn't believe that no one had thought to commercially manufacture a blanket in the shape of a Mermaid Tail. I followed up my mermaid search with shark blankets, because it seemed like the perfect pairing, again no dice. So like many good ideas, Blankie Tails was born out of necessity. Luckily, what I lacked in any type of apparel or toy industry experience, I quickly made up with in drive and hustle!

That day I set out to work designing Blankie Tails; sourcing super soft fabric that was durable enough to withstand my nieces, figuring out what shape was the most cozy and fine tuning a fun color that would appeal to mermaid and shark enthusiasts of all ages.

Most importantly, I wanted to make a product that would make people smile. I launched Blankie Tails 2 months later and the results were MERMAZING! Our customers immediately started sharing their pictures of Blankie Tails on social media and spreading the word about how much they loved the product. As a result, orders began to flow in and haven't stopped since. It's this love, and the smiles that Blankie Tails brings to our customers, that continues to be one of the things I am the most proud of, and the highlight of my life.

Thank you for visiting our website, and welcome to the Blankie Tails Family!

Hattie Grace Elliot

Chief Mermaid Enthusiast


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